Get'cha Head In the Game (From "High School Musical")

The Cast of High School Musical

  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Release Date: 2006-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 2:51

Music Video


  • Stupid people

    By sydney.lewis
    Ok I'm 11 and this is literally my favorite movie ever (besides HSM 2) so you guys just back off and go watch whatever movies you enjoy while we watch our movies that we enjoy. On one side note, I am a bit confused on how in this song (sang by Troy) if his friends didn't want him singing, why was he singing and why were they singing with him? Just a question. But in all honesty this movie is utterly perfectšŸ’™
  • hgut

    By gdggegeghggebwjdjfhrhfhghjngv
    its awesome
  • Stopid music

    By wameris
    I hate this song
  • No

    By Anonymous_7
    This guy looks exactly like my brother. D:
  • Classic...but not that great...

    By hannahetesta
    Yeah. Good song. Funny dances. BUT ZAC EFRON DIDN'T SING THIS. No, I'm not one of millions of screaming girls who thinks Zac is the hottest man alive. But he can sing. And he should have done so for HSM.
  • Zack's Hot

    By TelltheWorld123
    Not.... Why the heck is this song on here. This crap is stupid.
  • AXZ

    By Bballjulien32
    just terrible
  • re: rachi_babe

    By Gr8WolfLodge
    getting the rebound means getting the ball after someone shoots -.- and this video is lame
  • suks

    By yo is awesomee
    suks like ur but
  • get'cha head in the game + zac = INCREDIBLE

    By CewlKat
    i love this clip! i still dance along to it all of the time!!! zac is sooo adorable he is perfect for this

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